Bird Spotting!

Recently whilst travelling to visit friends, who have a beautiful ‘longere’ (long house) in the middle of the marais bordering between Vendee and Loire Atlantique; I felt like a child opening Christmas gifts.  On either side of the road in the myriad of water channels I spotted herons, egrets, moorhens and different varieties of ducks amongst the animals living and grazing in the marshes. It felt like a voyage of discovery even though it is less than 30 minutes by car.  My friend took us to the nearby Port du Collet where we walked Mimi and enjoyed looking across the vast horizon towards America.

A few days later I went to visit our “English Shop,” which is situated rurally on the route towards St Christophe du Ligernon and as I was about to turn down the road towards it, I was delighted to spy what I think was an eagle.  It was huge, very black and had been by the roadside with its prey. It took off as I passed by.  As always I was driving and not able to catch it on camera.  Handy as it is the one on my phone is just not good enough for such occasions even if I was quick enough.

These lovely encounters set me thinking and I have listed the number of different species that I see on an almost daily basis.  This list is staggeringly long:

On the routes when going dog walking:

Sparrow Hawks

Hen Harriers









Red Legged Partridges

In the garden:





Blue Tits

Cold Tits

Long Tail Tits

Great Tits


Gold Finches

Green Finches

I have also seen a Hoopoo, a Nut Hatch and a Woodpecker, though not recently sadly.  There are many more species; however, I don’t know their names.  Currently we have a resident owl, but as he doesn’t starting calling until the early hours I am unsure of his pedigree either!

Looking forward to the spring, we are always blessed with House Martins, Swallows and Swifts although I must confess I struggle to remember which is which.

I have not attempted to include any of our coastal species, of which there are many, as I think they should be left for visitors to Chez Mimi to see how many they can tick off their lists.