Getting in the swing!

Well we have had our first two sets of guests and have received excellent reviews.  It is so nice to have visitors leave feeling that they have had a relaxing and comfortable visit and that they found everything to be beyond their expectations.

I feel that Chez Mimi is going to bring us new friends, who will keep in contact and return again in the future.  In fact, I received excellent guidelines from our second visitors and after a delay I have followed them up.  I had to send a quick email to let them know that I had acted upon their advice and got a lovely "I told you so" email response.  

Our local tourist office is excellent and I have received the following information about an interesting, free, historical tour of St Etienne du Bois - the English speaking guide is going to talk about the Church and some of the old houses, gardens and legends. The tour starts at 3pm, this Saturday, outside the church.  Sadly I am unable to go as I am double booked with a family event in Nantes. I often wonder about the history of the grand houses dotted around St Etienne. 

I am looking forward to meeting a new set of visitors, who are coming from the Finistere region this weekend. The weather is set to be glorious so here's to a 'bon week-end tout le monde.'