Spoilt for choice

It's all happening here this weekend.  We have new guests and having had a conversation with the little boy (I think he is five) I suspect they may well be here to visit the Heavy Metal Festival at Clisson. Actually, this is a festival not to be missed, if this is your musical genre, as people gather from far and wide to attend this annual event. I will verify later,  when I catch an adult, but the Hellfest bracelet is a bit of a give away! Our conversations are hilarious with me attempting French and he responding in English.   So far I have established that he knows yes and no and can count to five or sometimes seven! 

Elsewhere, at Lege, we can get involved with canoeing, VTT (Mountains Bikes to you and me) and Rando - country rambling.    St Etienne is hosting the guided tour of the Church, old houses and gardens and on Sunday nearby Apremont are offering a free tour of the Chateau.  This is just the beginning of a host of events taking place over the summer to tempt locals and visitors!