Exploring the area - The Marais

Having finally finished all our projects (except for the garden, which is an ongoing marathon) we are beginning to get out and about discovering new things to do and places to visit.  Although we are familiar with this beautiful area we are still finding new, picturesque spots to enjoy.

Recently we were invited by our french friends to visit the salt marshes on the Marais.  We were given a talk on the history of salt; the taxes paid  'Gabelle' - the amount of which differed depending upon which part of the country you were in.  It was fascinating to hear how much these taxes, the changes in the land formation and trade between different countries affected the lives of the local people.  We also learned about the two types of salt collected 'Fleur de Sel,' which is for flavouring the food and NOT for cooking and 'Gros Sel,' which of course you can use! A visit to the Marais and one of these outlets is highly recommended and free.