Lac de Jaunay

We have discovered a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the countryside in the Lac de Jaunay.  We were visiting a garden centre near Coex and I asked the owner if there was anywhere nearby to walk my dog Mimi.  She directed us to the lake and we were pleasantly surprised at how big it was.  There are three different parking places apparently. The one we used has a very friendly restaurant with a view over the lake.  There were a couple of small houses, one with a particularly beautiful garden.  

Mimi was in her element running in between the woods and the water and there are a number of trails to follow depending upon whether you want a pleasant stroll or a good ramble.  We noticed plenty of places to picnic.  In the woods some of the fallen trees provided spectacular artwork.

We felt that this was lesser known lake than the one at Apremont, which again is well worth a visit, but can get very busy during the summer months. Needless to say we will be back for further visits, as I am sure there are plenty more things to discover here!