Summer Sensations

During the last few weeks I feel that I have been in tune with nature at it's very best.  During my daily walks with Mimi I have spotted dragonflies shimmering in the heat and a pair of stunning kingfishers, hopefully nesting at the water's edge. Mimi has been puzzled by the sound of the gorse pods popping, they actually stopped her in her tracks and she stood with her head on one side trying to understand what was causing the sound.  I have seen fish basking in the shallows at the edge of the lake at Lege and numerous buzzards soaring over the fields following the harvesters and using the stacked hay bales (balles de foin) as a vantage point to spy on potential prey.  A friend has reported sightings of a mummy red legged partridge with 7/8 babies out for a stroll and at the bottom of our village two geese and one gosling perambulating the street.  Lazy, hazy heat filled summer days.