Hints of Autumn and further hen chronicles!

I can feel the change of season in the air and this week has seen the most rainfall we have had in months, bringing down the leaves and sending me running for waterproof clothing.  Sadly we have a lovely English family staying in the gite and they would have benefitted greatly from some of the recent glorious sunshine given the appalling weather back home in England.  Yesterday was fairly decent so they managed to visit the coast and enjoy the scenery before the rain set in.  Today it is pouring down with no sign of let up, however, there are still many attractions available so hopefully their stay will not be too dampened.

Passing by the chicks on the way to the compost bins I caught sight of one of them, Dupiaza (otherwise known as Aunty Cath, because she has beautiful feathers on her head and they remind us of a hat my Aunt wore at a family wedding years ago) looking very bedraggled.  When we were buying the hens a universal cry went up, obviously a collective memory and so she had to be in the selection.  Today the feathers are somewhat array as she is decidedly wet and not too happy.


Perhaps the rain has sent them broody though as I have been presented with two little warm eggs today.  Our total haul since they arrived is about nine delightfully tiny little offerings.  I now need to identify which other little treasure is contributing.  So far the two ornamental hens, which are not meant to lay very many eggs have been the sole providers but I have feeling that we are now moving forward to full production.  I feel some cake baking coming on!