Enter the Chickens

Having prevaricated for quite sometime about having additions to the family albeit of the animal variety I seem to have been overruled with the arrival of my family for the summer.  The boys have set to work on a number of projects the largest of them being the preparation of a chicken run and house.

Work started with the clearance of the designated area, which involved moving three logs piles and a compost heap.  It seems to be a fact that once a decision has been made regarding a task or project it cannot be straightforward.  I have discovered that there is always at least three or four preparation jobs in advance of the intended job.

The ground is now ready and the building of the hen house has commenced.  Much discussion has taken place about its size, design and creature comforts.  So far it seems that it may well be equipped with a sofa, pouffe and flat screen tv!  In my mind space to roost, a couple of perches and the all important nesting boxes for those delicious eggs would suffice.

Chicken run

Chicken house - work in progress!

Further debate has taken place on the naming of the said chickens - a firm favourite seems to be Balti, Bhuna, Kashmiri and Korma although one of my grandsons rather liked James.  I think the final decision will be when we go to buy them and see if the names fit - watch this space!