Autumn Pursuits

Well one would think that after a hectic summer, life would settle down to a quiet routine.  Time for pottering in the garden, sorting those pesky little jobs that have always somehow slid on to the back burner and generally meandering towards Christmas preparations and visitors.

Not a bit of it.  The machinery is still thumping away at the Cave preparing all that delicious new wine.  The tractors are still passing backwards and forwards carrying hay bales, crops and winter fodder.

This lovely sunny Sunday morning has had the peace and quiet shattered; firstly by at least 100 hundred motor bikes doing some sort of cross country trek. I am still trying to work out where they were heading for as they were using the back roads from Lege going towards Grande Landes - who knows?

This was followed by another set of bikes a much smaller group heading in the direction of St Etienne du Bois

One of about 20!

One of about 20!

Then about half an hour later sheer utter excitement as a huge procession of veteran and vintage cars of all shapes and sizes waving and hooting as they passed by Chez Mimi on route to .....?

However, one person has certainly settled for the quiet life.  This lovely little caravan named "Vita Pura" stayed a couple of nights next to the lake at Lege.  The horses were beautifully groomed and he seemed to have his life pared down to the minimum save for one concession to modern life.  I noticed he had pegged out a solar panel to catch the sun and generate enough power charge his batteries at least.

Ah well back to creating enough space in the freezer to store the blanched french beans.