Christmas Wishes

I  am somewhat horrified to find that it has been so long since my last post and am more than bemused at my tardiness!  However, since our last visitors departed and as Chez Mimi is closed this Christmas I think I have been somewhat switched off  (at least that's my excuse!)  

In my defence I have been very busy knitting for The BAY Foodbank in North Tyneside.  During my last visit to England I went to see "I, Daniel Blake" with my daughter. She was so moved by the film that she launched "We, North Tyneside" as a response and supported by my other daughter and a friend has created a movement that has created quite a stir and even got the support of Ken Loach the director, one of the actors, Kema and Jackie, a founding member of the food bank. (She was also in the film.)  Twenty schools and various local businesses including a hospital and art gallery have come on board. A huge amount of money has also been raised and will be used in February to buy more foodstuff and essentials.

We are hoping that this incredible support will continue long after the Christmas festivities have faded away as sadly, poverty and need will not disappear so quickly!  I have mixed emotions about this as I couldn't be more proud, but I am angry and frustrated that we have such need in this day and age.

Meanwhile back to here and now I want to take the opportunity to thank all of our visitors to Chez Mimi.  It has been such a pleasure to meet so many lovely families and friends and I take pleasure in the lovely notes in our visitors" book and such positive feedback from the various booking sites.  I also am happy to welcome our new visitors for 2017 especially our lovely returning Welsh family and I look forward to catching up next year.

It only remains for me to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and the hope that the New Year will bring peace and renewed optimism in these less than tranquil times.