Spring stirrings.

Once again I am extremely grateful to previous guests for their kind reviews and am very happy to receive my Booking.com 2017 reviews award.  It is gratifying to see that it has gone higher than the previous year to 9.6 and it gives me pleasure to see that visitors have really enjoyed their stay in Chez Mimi.

Wandering around the garden yesterday after a period of high winds and rain I was delighted to see the lovely signs of spring beginning to appear.   Within a few days spots of colour are starting to show.  There is a little group of purple crocuses or should I say croci appearing in my flowerbed that I redesigned last year.  I was a little concerned that I may have lost some during the changes however, they are proving to be strong little plants.  Other leaves are starting to shoot and I look forward to seeing what appears.  I am happy to see that my honesty plants seem to have survived since they were planted from seed last season.  At least I hope that is what they are! They were included in a lovely gift that involved my getting to see the Chelsea Flower Show (see a previous blog) last year. 

As I write this I can see a myriad of different birds visiting the bird feeders.  They are very greedy and the dough balls especially seem to last less than two days.  It is not easy to find shelled peanuts here in France and as it is quite a task to sit and open them they become a rarer treat.  The hens are scratching around in the new bark chippings that were purchased a few days ago and seem to have found favour with them.

Bookings are starting to come in for this season with some reservations for July and August already.  The early birds have already bagged the period for the Tour de France, which is passing so close to us this year starting at the beautiful island of Noirmoutier and then travelling even nearer to Chez Mimi.  All in all looks like the beginning of another busy year.  Looking at information received from the tourist information offices in both Vendee and Loire Atlantique there are plenty of exciting things to do and see.  I am determined to get back to the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes and have just been reading about a Japanese inspired park - Ile de Versailles - so that is on my itinerary too!  There is always somewhere new to visit and favourite places to revisit.