Idle thoughts!


What a beautiful fresh morning after days of high humidity and distant rumblings we have had several spectacular thunderstorms. The first one while I was walking Mimi at the nearby lakes yesterday afternoon sounded like two lots of thunder vying against each other playing a game of “l can crash louder than you can!”  However, the second one during the night was even more spectacular with the lightening ‘eclairage’ staying directly above and flashing over and over. Needless to say Mimi was not impressed. 

However, back to today, as the garden shows its appreciation for the rain after a long spell of dry weather and the perfume from the roses and honeysuckles drifts in the air, I yet again think how lucky I am to be in such a beautiful place.

I read recently that there was a decline in songbirds in some French gardens. Absolutely not so here as there is a veritable cacophony of sound compounded by a couple of the hens bragging very loudly about the eggs they have just laid.  I wish I was more proficient at recognising which delightful song belongs to which beautiful bird. 

Ah well time to think about getting some work done I suppose 😉